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Organization of collective exhibitions of artists abroad

Every artist dreams of being famous, recognizable and commercially successful. For an artist, his name is a brand that, like any other business project, needs promotion and advertising. We have ideas on how to do this.

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«Make way!»
Art project for artists

We know how difficult it is to sell your works in the modern art market! In addition, we know very well how easily galleries refuse protection and cooperation to artists whose names are not known to mass audience! We know how important it is for an artist to make the first step and start exhibiting in order to gain viewers, followers and buyers.

Who we are?

A small team of like-minded artists who are fed up with the globalization of the contemporary art market and therefore we decided to follow our dreams. We have created a company that organizes exhibitions of artists whose names are not yet known to anyone.

Designers, journalists and an art curator, whose duty is the most important as he fully organizes the exhibition event abroad, work with us.

Our goal is to help artists go beyond their own workshop; create a full-fledged exhibition portfolio that will help further advance in the art market. His paintings must travel, the name of the artist must “sound” in different countries, because this is the chance to find his gallery, public, create the name that will become his brand.

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We are preparing an exhibition in Rome!

We invite artists to participate!

The “Make Way!” project, with the support of the ArtSpaceDream.com online gallery, begins preparing an art exhibition that will take place in the delightful city of art - Rome, in one of the most popular areas - Trastevere, in the cozy “Spacio40” gallery. The exhibition will last 9 days and take two weekends!
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The application deadline is 12/15/2019. The preliminary dates of the exhibition are January-February 2020. The exact dates will be announced after the approval of all participants.

Send application to participate: artspacedream@gmail.com

More about the exhibition

Theme of the exhibition:
«Philosophy of contemporary art»

All that is born in modern art today is the search for new sensations in the viewer, the desire to surprise or even shock. Art should induce a person into discussion, he must think, analyze, form his opinion. For an exhibition in Rome, we are looking for "art philosophers" - artists who gracefully embody their deep ideas on canvas. No matter how this idea is expressed - in form, colors, style, shapes or faces. The main thing for the artist to know exactly what his creation is about and able to convey this to the viewer through painting.

Terms of participation in the exhibition:
1. The relevance of works to the theme.
2. At the exhibition, one artist can present no more than three paintings, up to 50 cm in size on the larger side. Less is possible but not bigger.
3. The conduction of the contract.
4. Payment of related services

Download application form

Participation includes the following services

- Rent of exhibition space;
- Design development and printing of invitations and other promotional items;
- Design and layout of the art catalog with the presentation of all participants;
- Media promotion of the exhibition on the main art portals of Rome and other sites, banners, sending out invitations, etc.
- Distribution of invitations to gallery lists, promotion in social networks;
- Installation and dismantling of paintings;
- Buffet for vernissage (drinks, snacks);
- Photo and video;

At extra charge:

- Filming an interview with an artist or a seminar dedicated to an artist’s career, if present at the exhibition. If the artist does not attend the exhibition personally, the curator (English, Italian) tells visitors about him and his works. Send application form for participation: artspacedream@gmail.com

What do we do?

Organization of art exhibitions

The “Make Way!” project team takes on all the functions of organizing and coordinating a personal or collective exhibition of the artist:
- selection and rental of art space in the country of the exhibition;
- writing announcements for exhibitions, art texts, translations (English);
- preparation of catalogs, promotional materials, invitations to events;
- organization of installation and dismantling of expositions;
- ensuring the receipt of paintings from artists and sending them back to their homeland;
- coordination of contractors;
- organization of visitors reception and so on.

At the exhibitions, artists have the opportunity to sell their works.


Creating a site-portfolio of the artist, a catalog of paintings

As in any other business, promoting an artist’s creativity in the art market requires the use of effective marketing tools.
One of the important steps in artist’s image making is creation of his personal website.
Just as art can take many forms, the artist’s website can serve many purposes. First of all, it is a showcase of his best works.

We create modern portfolio sites for artists; fill them with high quality content, which allows a potential buyer and / or gallery owner find out everything he needs about the artist’s work. We also offer artists design development and production of stylish, presenting catalogs of his paintings.


Longrids about artists, articles for art magazines

Each artist dreams of his art being commercially successful, and him being famous and recognizable.

For a creative person, his name is his brand. However, for this brand to become recognizable and commercially successful, it needs to be promoted. Longrid is an ideal way of media PR and promoting people of creative professions in the Internet.

Let us tell the unique story of your work in the brightest colors. Longrid will be beautifully designed and posted in the Internet. You will get not only new followers and customers, but also further opportunity for international promotion.


How do we organize exhibitions?

We determine the country and city for the exhibition

After studying applications from artists, we determine the country where the next exhibition will be held. We select and rent an interesting, convenient art space where the event will take place. This is one of the most difficult and crucial tasks, as the success of the exhibition depends on the choice of location. The timing of preparation of the exhibition project depends on the number of participants and the works that will be presented. As a rule, the organization takes from two to 4 months from the date of approval of the full list of participants.


We formulate the concept of the exhibition, think over the idea

Together with the artists, we try to create an exhibition that will be interesting for art lovers and will provide viewers with a unique artistic experience. Determining the theme of the exhibition, its ideas is a very important creative process that predetermines the concept and implementation of the event, directs the interest of the public, gives the future viewer clear or sometimes very blurry image of the future art project in order to intrigue visitors.


We create marketing hype, promote the event

An art exhibition requires informational noise. For each event, our employees write articles and press releases, use social networks, create and install advertising banners. But the most important, we send personal invitations to gallery owners of the country (city) where the exhibition takes place.


We coordinate the participation of paintings at the exhibition

We provide not only the reception of paintings and their delivery to the gallery, but also post-exposure support. The artist sends his works to the country of the exhibition, where coordinators receive them. After the exhibition, the artist can get the paintings back, sell or donate. Participants get printed catalogs, participants’ certificates, as well as photos and videos from the exhibition.


How do we choose paintings for the exhibitions?

We have no "strict" jury. We do not arrange competitive selection of works. Each artist, regardless of the level of professionalism and education, can take part at the exhibitions that we organize.

This is the core of our project - give the way and the opportunity for all new artists to submit their work to a third-party court. Ultimately, it is the viewer - the main connoisseur and critic who votes and chooses.
We think that in the modern world, anyone can take a brush and express on the canvas all his emotions, beliefs, attitude.

In general, the assessment of contemporary art is very personal and largely depends on people’s tastes.

This is not a classic, once recognized and appreciated. All that is born in the art industry now is a search for new sensations in the viewer, a desire to surprise or even shock. Art should call a person into discussion, he must think, analyze, form his opinion.

What affects the cost of participation at the exhibition?

Each art event has its own financial costs.

1. Country of the exhibition and rental price of art hall

The main part of the budget for organizing an art exhibition is the rental of art space. Rental rates in different countries are very different - in London, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, etc. are the highest. However, in such cities there are opportunities.

2. Quantity
and cost of contractor services

Organization of the exhibition is a complex, multi-stage event, the creation of which requires the efforts of a whole team of specialists. Photographers and videographers to capture the event, catering to treat guests with delicious snacks, installation and lighting specialists to present the works of artists in the best possible light, etc.

3. Advertising company, printing

It is impossible to imagine an exhibition event without a preliminary advertising campaign, which includes the preparation of promotional materials, invitations, the creation of flyers, etc. After the exhibition, each artist receives a glossy catalog where his works are posted. The cost of printing depends on the quality and circulation of the publication.

Countries and cities where art exhibitions are planned in 2019/2020

Choose the city where you want to present your creative artworks.
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